Friday, September 24, 2010

Eddie Fisher R.I.P.

He had better pipes than Frank Sinatra, better than Tony Bennett. The first time I ever noticed that a human voice can be beautiful, I was seven or eight, and I was listening to Eddie Fisher sing something or other on the radio.

One might wish that his musical taste had been as good as that voice. He got very rich singing some very bad songs. But here he is singing a great one.

One interesting sociological note. In 1959, Eddie Fisher was arguably the biggest recording star in the United States, and his hit TV show was making him a bigger star than ever. But in March of that year, amid the scandal of his having divorced his wife Debbie Reynolds in order to marry Elizabeth Taylor, NBC cancelled the show.

O tempora, O mores....

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  1. Aside from the infamous scandal, I remember Fisher most for his recording of "Oh My Papa," which was very popular about 1954 or so. Oddly enough, the song was first sung (in German) by Lily Palmer, in some forgotten musical.

    Fisher had a lovely voice. I remember his TV show a little bit. R.I.P.