Sunday, October 3, 2010

Barack Obama and the BVM

What to make of this? On her recent visit to Spain, First Lady Michelle Obama mentioned that the President carries in his wallet a picture of Mary Help of Christians, one of the titles under which the Blessed Virgin is venerated by Catholics. She is the patroness of the Salesian Order.

Barack Obama is already under fire from religious right-wingers, some of whom have repeatedly questioned the President's credentials as a Christian and fostered suspicions that he might be a crypto-Muslim. If he turns out to be a crypto-Catholic instead, will Protestant fundamentalists consider that a step up or a step down?


  1. Hmmm ... what's a crypto-Catholic? Madonna used to wear a rosary while behaving less than virtuously.


  2. I guess a crypto-Catholic would wear her rosary concealed underneath her clothing -- something it might be difficult for Madonna to do.